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About VST

VST was started by Rebecca Bryan and Tiffany O'Neill, Chagrin Falls locals, and Cleveland lifers. Rebecca and Tiffany formed a friendship and a love for food at an early age. Both girls pursued their dreams of working in the food industry, before starting VST. Rebecca studied pastry arts at Johnston and Whales, which led her into a career as a head vegan pastry chef, in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Tiffany studied commercial photography at Ohio University specializing in food photography, which led her to Chicago photographing for local restaurants, and chefs.

It wasn't until the summer of 2010 that Rebecca and Tiffany decided to return home, and start Vegan Sweet Tooth together. With their combined passion for the food, and good taste, Rebecca and Tiffany make desserts that offer many different options for many different clients. VST desserts are not only healthy, but they are delicious as well!


  1. What is Vegan?
  2. What is in the power bar?
  3. What flours do you use in Gluten Free?
  4. Do you do desserts for nut allergies?
  5. Do you deliver?
  6. Do you do wedding tastings?
  7. Do you have oil free products?
  8. Do you have Soy Free products?
  9. What is in the cake pop?
  10. Do we have a nutritional breakdown of all the desserts?
  11. What are your wedding cake prices?
  12. Do you do fondant cakes? What is the price?
  13. Do you cater?

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